Open Thread: A Few Updates + More

Just wanted to update you guys on a few things, starting with some bad news first and then some really good news.

THE BAD NEWS: I think my 3 year old cousin gave me her flu, which so far has been the strangest and most terrible flu I’ve ever had. Started off with zero upper-respiratory symptoms, no cough, no congestion, no sneezing, no sore throat, just a 102° fever and bad vibes. I haven’t been able to stay as active as I’d like for this reason and I wanted to let you guys know.

THE GOOD NEWS: My interview with Spotify’s legendary cofounder and CEO Daniel Ek will be coming out either this week or next (after final approval from Spotify). It was actually the first interview I’ve ever done via Zoom so you guys will have an audio option for the first time.


Are audio-based interviews better than text-based? Audio/Zoom is more convenient for the interviewer, interviewee, the listener, and is more shareable and hearing a human voice is just more personal. But there are also some drawbacks which give written interviews the advantage like not allowing interviewer/interviewee much time to refine and really dial-in thoughts. Which is better?

Check out my latest interview with Chris Dixon if you haven’t already:

Time Well Spent
Words With Web 3’s King: An Interview With Chris Dixon
Chris Dixon is the cofounder and former CEO of SiteAdvisor (acquired by McAfee) and Hunch (acquired by eBay), cofounder of the seed venture fund Founding Collective, a General Partner at the greatest VC firm of all time, Andreessen Horowitz, and the crypto-king of Twitter. He’s currently sitting at #7 on Forbes’ Midas list of the top 100 venture capital…
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